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Italian Design

Vintage Interior Design and Furniture

Handmade Italian Design working on the top of the table

Our Goal

HMID passion for what is unique and original is expressed in a collection of very rare vintage items, carefully restored in respect of materials and finishes. Objects and furniture together with a real valuable experience, whose imperfections emphasize and embellish a story made by the designers who conceived them, by the craftsmen who made them and by the people who used them. Vintage Design, an extensive collection that completes and communicates with Vintage unique pieces.

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Handmade Italian Design creates custom furniture able to give a strong character to private or retail environments. The spaces designed join recovered original vintage with serial elements carefully designed. Handmade Italian Design rely on the collaboration of professionals such as decorators, painters, carpenters, tailors, lighting, technicians.

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Antonio Candussio Architetto Handmade Italian Design
Antonio Candussio | Architect

In 2009, I graduated in sustainable architecture at IUAV, in Venice. Son of art, always in love with the design that has made Italy a point of reference worldwide. I totally love the whole materials, i am attracted by it. My feelings lead the project: sight, hearing, touch. I think that my work is a journey that helps to find and understand myself.

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Cristian Corazza Handmade Italian Design Friuli Venezia Giulia
Cristian Corazza | Designer

I studied industrial electronics and telecommunications. I worked as a maintenance on the machine in the furniture industry. Later I got into doing furnishing production, assembly and installation of the same. I consider to be extremely important to approach strict controls of raw materials to the manual skills fielded. This ensures an accurate result of aesthetics, functionality and durability.

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Massimo Del Degan HMID Friuli Venezia Giulia
Massimo Del Degan | Commercial

Since i was a child I traveled a lot; I knew different countries and cultures. I have always been passionate about interior design linked the uniqueness of natural elements. In life I love beauty, exclusivity, attention to detail and quality to 360 degrees. Handmade Italian Design project summarizes all this. Passion and knowledge of Antonio and Cristian involved me immediately because they offer unique and multiple solutions.

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Guido Guazzo HMID Friuli Venezia Giulia
Guido Guazzo | Architect

In South America for 30 years, architect, curious and unconventional; I believe in architecture as a tool to merge the useful with the beautiful through the real, thereby materializing the objects and spaces that contain them the same symbols of belonging to a culture. I arrived in Italy in search of beauty, as a culmination of a search, as undisputed Italian essence of being; I am convinced that this is the added value we give our objects and projects in terms of quality.

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