Design for retail

Design for retail is a new service to project retail spaces, using our competences to create routes of circolation using materials, colours, lighting to give a unique experience to the customer.  Retail Design Service is the new service that Handmade Italian Design  offers to customers who like design objects with a story to tell with a great emotional appeal. Handmade Italian Design turns the shop into a challenging and emotionally experience that will increase the value of the brand and it will direct customers towards choosing a product. The forniture and the vintage objects give a a strong character to the spaces designed.  Handmade Italian Design deals with the creation of new forms of commercial communication and new forms of consumers engagement, in order, to set up commercial spaces, in the physical sense, and to create forms of interrelationship between  products and consumers, to steer the decision-making process.

design for retail

Budget Control

It is essential to know how to make a project respecting  budget’s constraints and space avaiable. It’s an added value we give to our customers. We know from the biginning the characteristics of the products, because we have imagined, designed and then implemented in order to respond to their specific needs. And if we have not already thought it, we will do it together with the customer, advising on shapes, materials and finishes to achieve the desired technical and aesthetic, while remaning within the constraints of space and budget.