Design for wine

Handmade Italian Design gives creative support to wine industry. HMID focuses on the study, design and production of furniture and equipment for wine sector for example companies and winery. We want to give an emotion with all the materials used, the character conferred and the quality of work performed, starting from the early design, to get to installation.

design for wine


Handmade Italian Design designed and built over the years a wide range of decorative objects devoted to wine, all customized in both size and finishes and materials. HMID environments are continuously conceived and designed to meet the demands and preferences of our customers. What distinguishes our style is the constant research of pieces that have made the story of design, joined to objects produced serially.


Our Staff consists of carpenters, blacksmiths, electricians, finishers able to create a space that satisfies your needs. We work with professionals dedicated to each job, ensuring the high quality of the materials used, providing a result that reflects the expectations of the client.

Budget Control

The purpose of HDMI is to give life to an environment capable of enhancing the quality and characteristics of the product delivered to our customer. it is important to analyze properties and peculiarity through an exchange of ideas between client and designer. The project will respect the constraints of space, functionality and budget.