How to transform a room with color

How to transform a room with color? Low cost ideas. Looking for low cost ideas to customize your home? Discover with us how to transform different environments painting walls and fixtures in shades effect! Before you start: if you like you could repay our efforts in writing this guide with a simple sharing or with a click of the +1 … Read More

Chair A | Tolix

CHAIR A, 1925 On the cafe’s terraces in the interwar years, on the television programs beginning 21st century, in the collections of the Vitra Design Museum, MOMA or the Centre Georges Pompidou the chair of Xavier Pachard is undoubtedly the emblem of an industrial heritage that comes from a knowledge crafts. After several attempts, in the 20’s laboratories Pachard Xavier, … Read More

How to decorate with fabric

How to decorate with fabric? We need fabric! Have you ever thought of a light make-up, which does not need a complete replacement of furniture, but that gives the spaces of your home a new look? Follow us in this article, you’ll discover how tissues can become the protagonists of evocative spaces. The secret is to design with balance. Before … Read More

Jieldè Lamp

JIELDÈ LAMP, 1950 In 1950 in Saint-Priest, Jean-Louis Domeneq designed the STANDARD lamp to optimize the illumination of his machine shop, “is the only lamp with circular joints”, stated an advertisement of that period. The lamp works without a cable, thanks to electrical contacts positioned in the joints. The invention was an enormous success in fact its creator developed the … Read More

Nicolle Stool

NICOLLE STOOL, 1933 Since 1913 establishments Nicolle, locateded in Montreuil, were specialized in the manufacture of washers. They had a stamping plant and drawing in which are developing stool Nicolle in 1933, initially for internal use and then for a few adjoining factories: three legs in deep-drawn sheet and a session in the form of large “washer”. Later the stool … Read More