We are different but we combine quality and different skills, physical and mental factors. We join different cultures and and skills that can be told in one word: UNIQUE. The ancient Italian craftsmanship became industrial production in the first half of ‘900. We love that period because it gave to Italy great prestige and respect worldwide. Establishments with their style and functionality was able to give a decisive influence both in Italian territory or abroad. Prices of items dropped by giving access to a large customer base, entering more and more into Italian homes. Our intent is to find unique items crammed into basements, attics, local decommissioned, and investigate their function, those who used them, those who had produced, in what quantities, in which period… Then restore them restoring vitality and functionality and correlating these items with its original story and documentation. VINTAGE articles, currently fashionable, able to furnish different kind of rooms both for their aesthetics, but able to confer a strong character to the space. That’s why UNIQUE line was born: we want to share with you the pleasure to appreciate these unique pieces and to restore the force that in the past they have gloriously marked. We ask those interested to provide us with pictures and documentation of items in your possession, of which we will evaluate the content and state of maintenance, for a possible purchase. We prefer original articles, which have never undergone any restoration operation. So we want to give life back to these articles, being careful not to take what is their experience. HMID thanks so far those who want to get in touch with us, we will respond as soon as possible.

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